Tips For Exercising When You Have Breast Cancer!

Happy New Year! This is the month where it’s time to start those resolutions and try to make healthier choices! There are so many benefits of exercise. However, surgery to the breasts can affect how you can move or exercise. It can affect how you can move your arms and shoulders, or even daily activities. The surgery can limit your ability to move, but certain exercises can help you become more mobile! 

  1. Improve your stamina! Stamina is what gives you energy throughout the day and it’s affected by exercise. Your body will begin to adapt with the more exercise you do! The more you hit the gym the more you will be able to do!
  2. Focus on your shoulders and chest! This is to help address any scarring and tightness you will potentially feel after the surgery.
  3. Core exercises! These exercises are great for your upper body and stamina, which is major for recovery!
  4. Movement and balance! Side effects of chemotherapy can alter your balance. If you feel off balance then try doing yoga. It will slowly improve your balance and improve your coordination.
  5. Group Personal training! Grab a buddy who’s going through what you are going through! It will not only motivate you to stay in shape, but you can motivate each other.

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