Give A Chemo Care Package This Holiday Season!

It’s always extremely hard to hear when a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s even harder to see someone handle this type of news during the holidays. Today, we want to share a way you can help any cancer patient going through chemotherapy with a care package.

Here are some items that are perfect for anyone who’s getting chemotherapy treatment.

  1. Scarfs-It’s common for those getting chemo to feel chilly so this is a great way to stay warm.
  2. Wool Socks-Wool socks are extremely effective and keep your feet very toasty.
  3. Pashmina- It’s a great way to keep your loved one looking stylish and warm.
  4. iTunes Gift Card- This is a great way to pass times with some of their favorite tunes.
  5. Chapstick-Dry lips are a very common side effect from chemo so this is a great way to keep them hydrated.
  6. BKR Water Bottle-This is a great way to keep your loved one hydrated during treatments without ingesting toxins that plastic bottles can give.
  7. Hard Candies- It’s a great way to keep the taste of chemo at bay.
  8. Bath Salts- We always encourage baths so provide them bath salts to give them a better bath experience. It will help them relax!
  9. Biotene Mouthwash–combats dry mouth and keeps things clean, but doesn’t irritate sensitive mucous membranes.
  10. Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wrist Bands–this helps to manage chemotherapy-induced nausea.
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