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June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

June is also National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Fresh fruits and vegetables are key to having a healthy, sustainable diet and contribute to overall health. Eating healthy can help prevent many chronic conditions including cancer. Canned fruits and vegetables sometimes have hidden ingredients such as sodium and added sugars, so it is best to […]

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Men’s Health Month – Myth of Antiperspirants

One common myth or rumor is that antiperspirants and deodorants can cause breast cancer, but there is no evidence of a link between the two. Both the American Cancer Society and National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. provide excellent information on why this is a common myth. Please visit the links below to research the topic […]

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Men’s Health Month – Preventative Care is Important

For #MensHealthMonth, we would like to stress preventative care. Preventative care is important for everyone! Getting preventative services is imperative for preventing cancer and other chronic diseases. Put your best foot forward and stay healthy early. Please visit the websites listed below to see preventative care services available for adults as well as an article […]

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June is National Men’s Health Month

June is National Men’s Health Month and today for #MensHealthMonth, we will be looking at how men can also develop breast cancer. The most common breast cancers in women are also the same for men. It is important for men to also know the signs and symptoms so that they can seek preventative care. Please […]

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Common Breast Problems: Breast Pain

Breast pain, or mastalgia, is discomfort, tenderness, tightness or pain in the breast or underarm region. Mastalgia is a common condition among women and usually is NOT a common symptom of breast cancer. Breast pain is more common in younger women who have not completed menopause, but postmenopausal women sometimes experience breast pain. Some common […]

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Diet and Breast Cancer: Interview with Cookbook Author Jeanne Besser

Maintaining a balanced diet and healthy weight is a controllable factor that may lower the risk of breast cancer and other health conditions, such as heart disease. A healthy diet provides your body with nutrients to keep your strength up while undergoing treatment for breast cancer and can manage the side effects of treatment. National […]

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