The Bridge Breast Network works collaboratively with 200 community and 300 medical partners to ensure North Texas individuals have access to breast health services such as education, early detection and treatment services.

BBN Newsletters

The following is an archive of BBN newsletters that contain Program Highlights, Survivorship Services, Upcoming Events (Save the Date), Ways to Give and Fundraiser information.

Nov 2020 Newsletter (PDF)
Mar 2020 Newsletter (PDF)
Feb 2020 Newsletter (PDF)

Aug 2019 Newsletter (PDF)
Mar 2019 Newsletter (PDF)
Feb 2019 Newsletter (PDF)
Jan 2019 Newsletter (PDF)

Nov 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
Oct 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
Aug 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
July 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
May 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
Apr 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
Mar 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
Feb 2018 Newsletter (PDF)
Jan 2018 Newsletter (PDF)

Nov 2017 Newsletter (PDF)
Sep 2017 Newsletter (PDF)
Aug 2017 Newsletter (PDF)
Jul 2017 Newsletter (PDF)

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