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    October 29 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
One in 8 Women will get Breast Cancer
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Know What Is Normal For You!

All breast cancer is not found by just feeling for a lump.  Some breast cancer such as inflammatory is found on the surface of the breast.  Other cancers may be detected due to unusual nipple discharge.  As a breast cancer organization we must make sure we are providing accurate information.  Please review the attached self- […]

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5 Things Cancer Survivors Should Know About Their Mental Health

It’s normal to feel worried, sad, afraid, or even angry after being diagnosed with cancer. Some treatments for cancer also can affect your feelings or make it hard for you to concentrate or remember things. Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, now is a good time to understand that mental health care is as […]

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Nutrition Tips During Cancer Treatments!

 Beware Of Changes In Your Weight: Chemo can cause unexpected gains and losses. Go Big For Breakfast: Hunger hits harder in the morning. Change It Up: Your taste buds are going to change so experiment with food. Don’t Dodge Family: You will need family support. Colors Of The Rainbow: Be sure to fill your plate […]

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Latest New From Bridge Breast Network!

We made the NEWS! “Celebration of the Spirit and Soul” (an inspirational, educational breast cancer awareness visual arts exhibit) was held on March 22, 2019 at the African American Museum in Dallas, Texas. This outing resulted in a great occasion for Life Member Pat Carroll, because she reunited with a “dear friend of 40 years […]

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Healthy Eating During Treatment!

Whether you are recovering from surgery, receiving radiation, or chemotherapy, you need to continue to focus on the breast cancer. Eating well during this time has never been more important. Good nutrition will keep you strong, help rebuild tissue, allow your body to handle side effects from treatment, and potentially help fight infection. We have […]

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