Free Breast Cancer Treatment

Income and insurance shouldn’t be a factor in a woman’s battle with breast cancer, and that’s why Prime Women Media is proud to share the inspirational story of how The Bridge Breast Network is providing free breast cancer screening and treatment.

(0:00) Terry Wilson-Gray: Cancer survivor, mother, Executive Director, Bridge Breast Network
(0:48) How a breast surgeon started Bridge Breast Network to help women in need
(1:28) Hundreds of providers take women from early detection through full treatment
(1:40) Free cancer screening and treatment for underinsured or low-income women
(2:15) Over $3 million in donated medical services annually
(2:38) Insurance doesn’t cover wigs, so Bridge provides wigs and fittings for free
(3:17) Terry shares stories of women whose new wigs restored their happiness
(4:30) Marsha Johnson, breast cancer survivor and founder of Fashions For The Cure
(4:56) Fashions For The Cure’s “fashion runway of hope” for cancer patients
(5:34) From “Why Me?” to finding purpose in the breast cancer journey
(6:12) Getting treatment at no or limited cost: Bridge is on this journey with you.

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