Healthy Eating During the Holidays!

breakfast-1822190_960_720It’s the week of Thanksgiving everyone and it’s important to watch what you eat! This topic is huge for most people, especially during the holidays. During this time of the year, all of the holiday parties begin and its may feel almost impossible to not watch you are eating.  We all live in this food environment and we need to be intentional about what we eat.

Here are some of our tips on how to stay on track:

1. Don’t go hungry to a party. Try to have something before you go there so you don’t eat everything in sight.

2. The people are the most important thing about the party. Try to socialize and not hang around the table of food. Don’t feel obligated to sample everything and be selective. Don’t just dive in and fill up your plate!

3. There’s nothing off limits but remember portion control. Be sure to try to savor your food.

4. We all know alcoholic beverages can increase your risk of breast cancer. We encourage many of you who are at a high risk or are suffering from breast cancer to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. However, we know during the holidays it can be harder but there are lots of options! (This tip is mainly for the hosts!) Try to keep sparkling water on hand and put it in a glass that makes it feel like they are drinking something! The presentation is everything. Finally, if you are worried about there not being any beverages for you then bring your own! Our favorite combination is sparkling water with raspberries.

5. Everyone responds differently to chemotherapy.  If you are not tolerating the chemo well then try avoiding your favorite foods. Chemo may not let you tolerate your favorite foods well. For example, if you eat something you typically love; and the chemo’s side effects make you vomit then there’s a good chance you will not be able to eat that food again. Try to eat what you can tolerate and save your favorite foods once the chemo is done.

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