Keep A Healthy Weight To Avoid Breast Cancer!

There has been many studies that share your risk of breast cancer can be lowered by regular exercise. American Cancer Society and doctors are now recommending that women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and those who haven’t, exercise on a daily basis! Also, being overweight can increase your risk of breast cancer and many other cancers, and it can even increase your risk of it coming back.

We’ve seen exercising regularly and keeping a healthy weight are extremely important factors to those suffering from breast cancer. It’s very important to incorporate these factors to keep your recurrence low:

  • exercise
  • weight
  • diet
  • smoking
  • alcohol

The results showed being active decreased the potential risk of breast cancer coming back by 40%! However, we know finding time to exercise from treatments, family, work, chores, and more, can be really hard.

We suggest for you to break up your routine into 20-45 sessions and we believe is a great way to start. Walking is still a great form of exercise. There are so many ways to do this!

  1. Walk before work
  2. Walk during your lunch break
  3. Park further away from your building
  4. Walk with a buddy

It’s all about keeping a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and  doing things that keep stress levels at a minimum. Exercise will keep your mental health in great shape as well. Age never defines when you can start becoming active. Get moving now.


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