10 Steps For Getting Great Support!

Today, we are going to share 10 steps for getting great support for those suffering from breast cancer.

  1. Surround yourself around those who are willing to listen.
  2. Be open. People are going to be afraid of asking you too many questions.
  3. Try to avoid those who make you feel uneasy.
  4. Ask those who have been through something similar. They will have resources you can use.
  5. Sometimes it’s hard for people to just only listen so ask them to do just that.
  6. Always be specific on what your current needs are.
  7. Also, be specific on what you don’t need.
  8. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  9. Contact center’s who are there to help those suffering from breast cancer.
  10. Finally, take your time to get through this. It’s not an overnight process.
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