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Kimberly YoungKimberly Young – Nutrition. Integrative Therapies. Wellness

Kimberly Young, M.S. is a practicing nutritionist, writer and educator living in Dallas. A graduate of the University of Bridgeport, Kimberly received extensive training and focused education in many areas of functional nutrition including Evidenced Based Medicine, Vitamins and Minerals, Developmental Nutrition, Assessment of Nutrition, Nutritional Therapeutics, Clinical Biochemistry/Advanced Assessment and Botanical Medicine. Focused education in human nutrition, advanced training and clinical experience qualify her to effectively address a wide range of conditions.

I am a total food lover at heart and understand the profound influence food has in our every day lives. I truly believe that proper diet and nutrition is the key to better living. My passion for health and wellness came from my parents who always taught me to nourish my body with diet and exercise from the time I was a child. It evolved into something bigger as I started to age and really started to view my primary diet as fuel-not just food-for my mental and physical well being. The quality and nutrient density of food is more important to me than the quantity.

hairfacephotoStephanie – HairFacePhoto

Dallas-based portrait / fashion / beauty & life photographer (Sony), licensed beauty pro, artist, breast cancer survivor—the-blog

Stephanie is a Dallas-based commercial, portrait, event, stock and reportage photographer. With a background in print and broadcast journalism and nearly a decade of photography experience, Stephanie brings multiple facets of abilities to whatever client she’s working with.

A licensed cosmetologist and trained cosmetology educator, she also provides hair and makeup services for film, fashion, photography and television-based industries. Stephanie has a background in journalism and writes for publication and she also works with various media outlets to give updated, honest beauty advice to the public.