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One in 8 Women will get Breast Cancer
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Bra Buying Tips Every Breast Cancer Patient Should Know!

Today, we are discussing one thing and it’s what kind of bra you should buy whenever you are suffering from breast cancer! We know shopping for a bra can be extremely tedious and scary. Those of you who have breast implants then remember it can be encourage to wear a wireless bra. We do realize finding […]

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5 tips for Coping With Cancer!

We are giving a variety of tips on how you can cope with cancer once you’ve diagnosed. Learn about your disease: Everyone is going to have a unique journey and you could have a different experience from someone else. It’s very important to research about YOUR diagnosis and ask your doctor about your treatment process. […]

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How To Cope With Hair Loss!

We know hair loss is one of the many side affects people suffer from breast cancer. Sadly, hair loss is a visible side affect so it can be one of the hardest side affects to deal with! Your hair is a big part of your self image and femininity, so losing it can affect your […]

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Support Groups & Cancer!

Getting the news of being diagnosed with breast cancer can be one of the hardest moments in your life. Sometimes, we even see patients find that news harder than the actual treatment process. We know and can say that attitude is the little thing that can make a big difference.  However, no one said you […]

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Breast Cancer & Sex

Today, we are going to discuss the one issue that affects a variety of women suffering from breast cancer-the loss of libido. You may have lost your hair from chemotherapy, put on weight, lost energy, fatigued, nauseated, and feel pain in new places. We don’t blame you if you don’t feel in “the mood”. Your […]

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Short-Term Side Effects of Breast Cancer Radiation.

We have a variety of patients who will need radiation therapy once they have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, we are going to discuss what are some of the short term side effects of radiation therapy. The most common side effect is the area that receives the radiation therapy will become irritated. The area […]

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