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One in 8 Women will get Breast Cancer
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Cancer During the Holidays!

There is no great time to be diagnosed with cancer, but the holidays can make it even harder! These are the times that should feel the jolliest and they can lose their luster when you are worried about your own health. If you know someone or currently handling your new diagnosis, then here are some […]

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The most important antioxidant: Glutathione by K Young Nutrition!

We love when Kimberly shares some wonderful information about nutrition. She is our lovely nutritionist at Bridge Breast Network! Today, she is sharing why September is her favorite month of the year. We are talking about antioxidants and why it’s important to incorporate them in your diet.  By now you have heard a whole lot […]

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Risk Factors of Breast Cancer!

We always like to inform all of you about the risk of getting breast cancer in specifically females: Genetics: When your family members have a history of cancer like your mother, aunt, and/or grandmother especially when it’s detected at a younger age. The chances of you getting cancer is higher. It’s important to be active […]

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Bridge Breast Network Testimonial!

I met you and was inspired by you when you came to my Wylie Rotary Club last year.  I have shared information about The Bridge to several people. And……I  was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer in April.  My annual mammogram caught it and I have to say the radiologist at the Baylor Garland Breast […]

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Mammograms and Breast Cancer

The American Cancer Society issued new guidelines for breast cancer screenings. It suggest’s that women should have mammograms starting at the age of 45. While others believe you should start at the age of 40, and even possibly earlier for those at high risk. Mammograms have helped reduced deaths caused from breast cancer in the […]

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How to reduce your risk of breast cancer!

Today, we are going to talk about there are some steps you can take toward breast cancer prevention. We all know everyone is born with genetics they cannot change, but here are some lifestyle changes you can take to help lower your risk. Here are some things you can do to help reduce your risk […]

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