Effective New Year’s Resolution!

A new year is always a great time to “start over” and resolve to find ways to do better. But how does having cancer, or a loved one with cancer, impact how we look at the New Year?

We’ve put together the top five resolutions for you or a loved one who may be battling cancer.

  1. Exercise– We know this is everyone’s number one resolution in the new year, but for cancer patients its a little bit different. If your doctors approve then try to do what you can! Try to keep moving.
  2. Eat Well-This may seem like a no brainer, but after the holidays it can be difficult. Our emotions can get the best of us too so it can make it difficult to avoid those sugary or fatty foods. However, try to eat as many fruit and veggies as you can.
  3. Visit somewhere you want to go-No one ever said because you have cancer you cannot go anywhere. If your doctor approves then by all means go see the world!
  4. Get support- Family and friends are great support pillars; however, it may be valuable to talk to others who are going through the same things you are.
  5. Manage your fear of recurrence-The New Year is a great time for change, and that includes how you think about cancer. Talk to your health care provider to find out your risk of recurrence and remember that risks are based on averages and don’t necessarily apply to you.
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