How To Cope With Hair Loss!

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We know hair loss is one of the many side affects people suffer from breast cancer. Sadly, hair loss is a visible side affect so it can be one of the hardest side affects to deal with! Your hair is a big part of your self image and femininity, so losing it can affect your confidence. Therefore, it’s completely normal to be upset when you do lose it.

Here are some ways you can prepare for it:

  1. Remember, after your treatment your hair will grow back. This is not a permanent side affect.
  2. There is a chance your eyebrows and eyelashes may fall out.
  3. Be sure to ask your nurse to find out what exactly will happen from your treatments. Different treatments will give different side affects.
  4. If you have children, it’s important to prepare them as well, and to let them know that your hair will grow back.
  5. Use gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  6. Do not use heat to dry your hair. Try letting it air dry.
  7. We’ve seen a variety of patients cut their hair short for more volume initially.
  8. Always protect your scalp from sun.
  9. Avoid all chemical dyes during this time.
  10. Take your time to find a hair piece that fits you!

Hair loss is something that women deal with on an individual basis. Do not feel pressures to wear a wig or head scarf. There are not rules-just do what’s best for you. We are big fans of Cure Diva! They have a variety of products that can help you with hair loss.

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