Bridge Breast Network - Doctor with Patient

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When Cheryl had her screening mammogram, the radiologist told her she needed further evaluation and to call The Bridge Breast Network since she was uninsured. Cheryl checked with co-workers and one suggested she call the Bridge Breast Network because they helped her sister. Still unsure what to do she asked at her church and was again directed to call the Bridge Breast Network. Cheryl stated, “Three people directing me to the same agency could not be a coincidence.” Fifteen days after being approved for services, Cheryl received the call she never wanted to hear: “you have breast cancer”.  Throughout her journey, Cheryl remained upbeat and always boasted to her friends, co-workers, and family about The Bridge Breast Network. Cheryl would let them know that from day one the Bridge was there every step of the way throughout her breast cancer journey.

The Bridge Breast Network (BBN) has become the first choice of community organizations, individuals and providers for referring individuals with breast health concerns. We have always been proud of the fact that we never turned away callers, but the number of inquiries has risen drastically. In the first eleven months of 2013, the BBN received over 2,000 inquiries for services, unfortunately, funding levels have restricted us to only accept 404 as new clients. Sixty-seven of these clients were diagnosed with breast cancer.

The harsh reality is that the need far exceeds our financial ability to serve everyone who calls. This reality was shockingly evident in 2012-2013 when medical expenses exceeded our revenue by $150,000 and we were forced to tap into our reserve funds. Our medical providers continue to be generous with donating their professional services for BBN clients and annually contribute approximately $5 million in services to our clients. But it takes more than the medical donations; there are case managers, CT Scans, labs, surgical facility fees, chemotherapy drugs and more.

We need your help to fulfill our vision that no woman should suffer in silence with breast cancer because she lacks financial resources. We are asking you to join The BBN and make a contribution today to ensure this vital work continues in our community. No gift is too small.