Corporate Donors

Imagine how powerful a group of corporations could be in the fight against breast cancer.   Your business can help build a bridge over breast cancer in your community as well as save lives.

Corporations can help by:

  • Making The Bridge Breast Network the annual recipient of your corporate charitable donations
  • Building The Bridge Breast Network by giving to its endowment fund
  • Sponsoring, participating in, or underwriting one of our annual events
  • Adopting a client by donating $20,000 to ensure full treatment for one individual
  • Raising breast cancer awareness in your company by allowing our staff to conduct a presentation to your employees
  • Encouraging donations by providing employer matching funds
  • Sponsoring a fundraiser for The Bridge Breast Network

How Your Donations Help

Here is what a tax-deductible donation from an individual or corporation will do with the help of our network of resources:

  • $20,000 Adopt a Client (complete breast cancer treatment)
  • $6,000 Sponsor Chemotherapy
  • $3,000 Sponsor Radiation Oncology
  • $2,000 Sponsor a Lumpectomy/Mastectomy
  • $500 Biopsy
  • $300 Sponsor a Bone Scan
  • $250 Sponsor Imaging
  • $150 Sponsor a Diagnostic Mammogram
  • $100 Sponsor an Ultrasound