Other Breast Cancer Resources

American Cancer Society


The American Cancer Society mission is to free the world from cancer. Until we do, we’ll be funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention. All so you can live longer — and better.



CaringBridge.org offers personalized websites, free of charge, to people facing serious medical conditions, hospitalization, undergoing medical treatment and/or recovering from a significant accident, illness, injury or procedure. The service allows family members and friends to receive consistent information via a single website, and eliminates the need to place and receive numerous telephone calls. Visitors who are provided the personal Website address (or URL) and password, if required, can read updates on the patient’s condition and post their own messages of support and encouragement to the family.



CancerCare.org allows caregivers a way to find support and helpful information as they care for loved ones with cancer.



Breastcancer.org is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the most reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer and breast health as well as an active and supportive online community.



Since 1982, Komen has played a critical role in every major advance in the fight against breast cancer – transforming how the world talks about and treats this disease and helping to turn millions of breast cancer patients into breast cancer survivors.



The FitSTEPS for Life® program is an individualized, community-based program designed to improve the physical and mental functioning, quality of life, and survival of people living with cancer. The program includes aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening, and stretching techniques specifically designed for participants debilitated by cancer and its treatments.



Cleaning For A Reason is a nonprofit organization partnering with maid services to offer free professional house cleanings to improve the lives of women undergoing cancer treatment.

Yoga Bridge – Free Yoga for Cancer Patients


Beginner yoga classes for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers at the Medical Center of Lewisville in Lewisville, Texas. Download the Free Yoga brochure.

Addiction Center


Treating Pain and Preventing Addiction in Cancer Patients – Pain is one of the most common symptoms in cancer patients. The pain patients experience can be caused by both the cancer itself and/or the treatments that they undergo in effort to eradicate the cancer.

You And Breast Cancer

This website is An Animated Patient’s Guide to Breast Cancer and Metastatic Disease that includes easy-to-understand animations and videos that explain a variety of breast cancer topics