Annual Report 2015-2016

The Bridge Breast Network (BBN) plays a critical role in the fight against breast cancer by
providing access to breast health services and information in a timely manner to women (and men)
who would otherwise have no recourse and would suffer in silence. The BBN provides low
income, uninsured and under-insured North Texans with access to early detection, diagnostic and
treatment services for breast cancer. Our case management team and extensive network of medical
and community partners work hand-in-hand to provide a continuum of care through all stages of
the breast cancer journey.

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The BBN provides access to the following services:

  • Early Detection
  • Screening Mammograms (limited service area)
  • Diagnostic Mammogram
  • Sonograms
  • Biopsies
  • Treatment
  • Surgery
  • Medical Oncology (chemotherapy)
  • Radiation Oncology
  • One year follow-up

This report will provide a closer look at who we are, what we do, who we serve, and how we
achieve our mission. If you have questions about our program, please call 214-821-3820 or email If you have comments that relate specifically to the 2015-16 Annual
Report, please email